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That one blog post sparked dozens of conversations.

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But it's within your power to become a better dater with the right mindset and plan.I soon realized that people want to talk about online dating and whether or not it works because people want to talk about meeting someone in general.It’s something most of us can agree upon: we would like to meet someone to text in the morning and watch Netflix with at night. It’s much harder to walk into a coffee shop, sit down, and strike up a conversation with espresso man beside you. A brief note: I’m talking about online dating here.It’s basically a game where feelings, carbs, and people’s insecurities of never meeting someone are involved. This app is great if you’re more comfortable meeting someone through friends.I still don’t know where the coffee comes in to the equation. Bustle writes, “Your potential matches will only be friends of (Facebook) friends or third-degree connections.” Mind you, Lane and I’s mutual friend was a guy we don’t speak to.When delivered, you either take the bagel or you pass it on.

If you pass it on to someone you know then you rack up “coffee beans” and coffee beans will get you more bagels.

Believe it or not, there are 107 million single Americans — 43 percent of the adult population.

So why does it seem so hard to find a match when you're looking?

This advice is coming from a girl who dated guys for a long time because she was trying to fill her life with substance. I thought multiple dates with multiple guys could fix that. If you don’t have a goal or motive for dating online then it is possible you will fall in love with the options instead of the people behind the screen. A few notes: don’t download every single application out there.

I would be untruthful if I claimed I never had an unhealthy perception of online dating. Online dating can do its damage with making people feel wanted and seen. Try out or two and see how you like the experience.

Choose large sites with big denominators like or e Harmony.