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Why courtship is better than dating

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Due to the varying theological positions and personal convictions of Christian families, these courtship questions are designed to help disclose important facts that may be significant in both party’s decision of whether or not to move forward in courtship.

One of our daughters and now-son-in-law (Ben and Tiffany) spent hours each evening by the fire discussing the questions. These are special times – you want special memories!The hunger in our little tummies and the breasts that fulfilled that need were one.The need for comfort, protection, and dry bottom were one with the warm, caring blurs that came running at three o’clock in the morning to meet those needs.The Bible gives us many prescripts, but not as many processes.God’s Word presents a number of concepts on how men and women are to relate to one another, as well as how they might prepare themselves for marriage; but it is certainly not a cookbook.It’s “sweeps” week and the TV talk shows are putting their “Satanic Sibling Serial Killers Who Dress Like Tramps Reunited with Their Fertility Lab Dish” guests on parade. Sigmund Freud, the Austrian psychoanalyst, believed that all of our behavior was controlled by an impish “id” which was subconsciously directing our morals (our “super ego”) and our thoughts and behaviors (our conscious “ego”).

One subject I haven’t seen—at least this week—is “Children Who Marry Their Parents.” And, yet, this may be the rule rather than the exception. Sort of like space aliens who suck out peoples’ gray matter and replace it with brains bent on intergalactic destruction. Hendrix also believes that we marry someone with the same character flaws as our parents, in hopes that we can somehow solve unresolved issues of our childhood.

One thing I’d like to point out before you read these questions is that we haven’t used this list in its entirety for all of the young men who have called on our daughters.

It is a compilation of all the things we thought would be helpful to our daughters in making a decision of whether or not to move forward in a courtship.

It is our application of the biblical precepts found in Scripture. You may choose a very different path with your family and your children.

While I do believe the modern concept of recreational dating is dangerous, even foolish, I do not see a “one-size-fits-all” model in Scripture for the godly pursuit of marriage.

This list is NOT meant to be a “checklist,” a “pass-or-fail-test,” or an in depth parental evaluation.