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Who is zoe bell dating

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He has a younger sister and brother, a set of fraternal twins, named Frankie and Hunter. In Summertime, he is seen at Degrassi watching Maya bump into a display board and smiles.

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As Miles passes by Tristan and Maya, he overhears them discussing how they don't have any money to get home.Maya and Miles introduce themselves, and he gets her to come see the concert backstage with Zoë and Tristan by telling Maya that he's with the band.There is an incident backstage where Maya tells Tristan that Zoë's character on West Drive is getting killed off.He is also a good friend of Maya Matlin, and developed a crush on her before the two started a relationship, later breaking up.He is also friends with Lola Pacini, and on good terms with Jonah Haak and Grace Cardinal.Later on, Miles and Winston are seen hanging out together and convince Tristan to go and hang out with Maya.

He does so and to up the ante, Miles suggests that two kiss.

Miles is just a teenager looking for love and acceptance, especially from his father, Miles Hollingsworth II, after being kicked out of boarding school.

His father is a popular businessman and mayor, but won't let his reckless son get in the way.

He stops and hands Maya his credit card and tells her the PIN number and watches as the two walk away.

At his house the next day, Miles is seen stealing liquor away from a table. From inside the pool, Miles can be seen watching her as she hurries away from the scene.

She argues that it might and he tells her, once again, that it won't.