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Who is lorenzo martone dating

'Jacobs and Preston had a volatile on-off relationship when they were dating, including during the time right after Jacobs did his second rehab stint at a Malibu treatment center in the spring of 2007.Asked what it would take for Jacobs, who he describes as a 'fun, loving, genuine, generous person,' to go back to rehab, as he did while they were dating, Preston believes his ex will take care of himself.

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The two designers who broke up after getting engaged seems to have redesigned their relationship with good friends which looks pretty good.“Lance wasn’t interested in dating right away because he was getting over his own breakup with [‘s] Kyan Douglas,” says the friend.“But Lorenzo was persistent, so they started talking and slowly spending more time together and really hit it off.” Since then, Bass, 31, and the Brazil-born Martone, who runs a New York public relations agency he also founded, have been spotted out together in Manhattan and Miami. “Lorenzo always thought Lance was really attractive, and Lorenzo is gorgeous, totally Lance’s type – tall, dark and handsome,” says the source.Lorenzo Martone (born May 14, 1979) is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.Martone was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and currently resides in New York City where he manages multiple businesses and entrepreneurial projects.Later in 2010, Lance Bass came into view; this N Sync member also dated Lorenzo Martone but two also faced Splitsville soon.

Marc Jacobs is a fashion designer from America and a head designer of diffusion line called Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The two also had a dinner date for about three hours, which too hint towards a cordial relationship between the two fashionistas.

If nothing is cooking between Lorenzo and Jacob, then Lorenzo Martone is currently single.

Touted as a successor to Galliano, the head designer of Marc Jacobs and creative director of Louis Vuitton since 1997, insists for now he is staying put.

Lorenzo Martone, belongs to the fashion industry as an entrepreneur managing multiple entrepreneurial projects and businesses.

Martone who started as a strategic planner is the founder of The Creative NYC and has also partnered with Jules Kim, a jewelry designer in the designing of Nycked, a swimwear line.