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Who is jake owen dating

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"All I want is what I had," he sings in the chorus, longing for the woman, the well-being and the previous life the narrator traded for ambition. ' It says a lot about his heart."For the record, Meadows does like Owen's version, which appears on his current Owen found similarities in the song in his own life.

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Not bad for a guy who grew up wanting to play professional golf until a wake-boarding accident derailed that plan. []Glamour: Since "Beachin'" is such a huge hit, what three material things would you take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island? Jake: She's really into stories, and everything from . When we're listening to the radio and one of my songs comes on, she'll be in the backseat playing with her i Pad and then say, "There's Daddy." She knows it's me, but she doesn't freak out about it.Juggling this many guys isn’t exactly helping Miranda’s case and convincing the world that she wasn’t cheating on Blake. Which guy do you think would be the best match for Miranda? But he's confident the power of Meadows' lyrics and the poignancy of his vocal will help distinguish the song from "bro country"-heavy playlists.Fellow artists have already taken note."It gets him into some deeper water. "I think country music needs more real songs like that."Owen, however, isn't trying to change country music as a whole — he just wants to grow his artistry."I laid my cards out on the table with this song, and it's either going to work and do really big things for me or it's going to fail because no one wants to take a chance on it. Miranda has been linked to several guys since her break-up from Blake, and according to a new report – she is just getting started.

This week’s edition of National Enquirer teases that Miranda has her sights set on Jake Owen, Chris Young, and Brett Eldredge.

For the first time in my career, I feel like it's imperative for me to put out a song that offers some validity."Which is precisely the goal of his latest single.

"What We Ain't Got," a plaintive piano and steel guitar ballad about unchecked desire, is all Owen's voice.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce has been barely official for three months, but the country music singers aren’t exactly sitting at home and crying over each other.

Blake Shelton was rumored to be hooking up with his Voice co-star Gwen Stefani – but it’s actually his ex-wife Miranda Lambert that is getting all of the action.

Even though I have a lot in my life right now, and I'm thankful for everything, I find myself working really hard every day to attain more and more.