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Who is alicia keys currently dating

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The album was nominated for a Grammy and Nicks herself was nominated for a Rock Vocal Performance Grammy.In 1994, Stevie Nicks started writing for Trouble in Shangri-La, with the help of Sheryl Crow. Another Fleetwood Mac album, Say You Will, was released in April 2003 and although it was commercially successful, it received mixed reviews.

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In 1979, Stevie Nicks recorded the duets 'Whenever I Call You Friend' with Kenny Loggins and 'Gold' with John Stewart.In 1981, Stevie Nicks toured with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the band Split Enz.That same year, she released her debut solo album Bella Donna.The Wild Heart - another solo album by Stevie Nicks was released in 1983.The follow-up, Rock a Little, was released in 1984. By this stage in her career, however, Nicks was suffering heavily with her cocaine addiction, which was affecting her onstage performance.A 'best of', released in 2007, was entitled Crystal Visions and was supported by a tour with Chris Isaak.

In February 2010, Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) announced, via Twitter, that he was working with Stevie Nicks and that they had four new songs, including one called 'Everybody Loves You'.

The Other Side of the Mirror was released in 1989 and achieved commercial success.

She began a relationship with the record's producer, Rupert Hine.

Later that year, she started work on another Fleetwood Mac album, Behind the Mask.

The Fleetwood Mac song 'Don't Stop' was used as Bill Clinton's campaign theme song in 1993.

The next year, she released Street Angel, though much of the production work was carried out whilst she was in rehab.