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Who are one direction dating

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Despite seemingly having it all, though, these boys do still yearn for certain things.'By the time we’d got out into the water there was a group of people on the beach. But it can be a bit embarrassing when you’re trying to learn to surf and then you’re worrying about trying to look cool and not fall over.’In a low-key photo studio on the outskirts of Sydney, Payne is sitting in the sunshine trying to explain exactly what it’s like to be a member of a band which – when it comes to American chart success – is officially bigger than The Beatles.‘It’s amazing, it’s crazy, it’s like nothing we ever even began to think would happen, but it’s also just weird.

‘We all sat and watched the film of them arriving in America,’ he says. We have a trainer with us, and for me it's been one of the best things about this tour,' he said He first auditioned for The X Factor when he was 14, but was told by Cowell to come back in two years.Fortunately, funny man Zak was there to pick up the pieces. Since the show, Britni has moved to Hawaii to be with her man, with Instagram confirming the pair are still very much an item. Kiki was hoooooked on Devin from the get-go, and Devin was hooked on telling the beach hut diary how much he was taking her for a ride (literally).Whilst #Zannah were also not a perfect match - these two stayed strong and are still together. The couple moved to LA and seem to have a total fear of social media #kidding. Despite most of the house turning on Kiki for being a legit walkover, she regrettably stuck by her man. Nowadays, Kiki is kicking it in the world of beauty pageantry advancing in the Miss Hooters International competition. Once a year, I dedicate my spare time to probability formulas, simple algorithms and studying the laws of attraction.That’s right people - ARE YOU THE ONE is back for a brand new season! But if it was a saying, it probably would have come from Brandon.As the bush fires rage in the Blue Mountains overlooking Sydney, muddying the blue skyline with ominous plumes of grey, a group of hysterical teenage girls with tear-streaked faces are lying across the ramps that lead to the car park of the Sheraton hotel. This is One Direction mania: teenage hysteria whipped up to unbelievable new levels of organised insanity with the aid of phones, Facebook, Twitter and breathtaking surveillance and intelligence skills that would put MI5 to shame.

The girls’ sole focus is a group of X Factor-formed pop stars, who in less than three years have conquered the world music stage and repositioned the UK (for the first time since The Beatles) as leaders in pop music.

It's only July, but Niall Horan seems to be counting down the days until Bonfire Night.

The singer was reunited with his former flame Ellie Goulding as he performed at KISS FM's Jingle Ball in Dallas, Texas last year with his One Direction bandmates.

Pratt moved to Hollywood and has recently launched a You Tube series called “Blazedd”.

So not only were these two NOT paired by matchmakers - they were, in fact, not a couple on anyone’s radar.

Hannah is dabbling in modelling while Zak posts regular videos to his Youtube channel (with cameo appearances from Hannah every once in a while). Meanwhile Devin didn’t leave the experience completely empty-hearted.