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What is the purpose of dating

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If you go through those rough teenage years always relying on some person to make you happy and feel loved, you’re going to run into major problems when you hit the even rougher twenties and you aren’t dating anyone.

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When I was 15 and went to a conference with the girls in my youth group, we made a list of the qualities we would look for in our ideal boyfriends.We have to look at dating through a God-centered worldview.We have to look at dating with a sense of purpose and intent.Now obviously, not every relationship will result in marriage, but you need to go through them as if that is the intention.Now a 16 year old thinking about marriage is a little young, right?I understood my parent’s limitations and rules for my relationships.

Now that I’m over 18, and am an “adult”, I set my own rules and standards for my relationships. I will never forget looking down at my list and seeing clearly the faulty logic in society’s perspective.

I wanted to share my list with you guys.-dark hair-blue eyes-gentleman-funny-hot-athletic-nice smile-tall Then the woman told us to make another list of what we wanted in our future husbands.

This was my list:-God-fearing-gentleman-kind -nice smile-funny-gets along with my family-supportive-ambitious Finally this woman asked some girls to come up and write a few qualities that they wanted in their ideal boyfriends.

So even though I read articles in Seventeen about how awesome relationships are and dreamed about having that perfect relationship, it wasn’t something I needed to feel worth something.

Dating a lot and for no reason other than to have someone to fill a role in your life is really damaging in your development of independence.

Needless to say, it showed that in today’s society, the term boyfriend/girlfriend, is viewed loosely and as something temporary and of less value.