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They agreed this should be delivered by an interprofesssional team, supported by robust governance and consultant clinicians and with a focus on ensuring every patient irrespective of location, received timely medical assistance.David works as a registrar in Emergency Medicine in Wessex working primarily in both University Hospital Southampton and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trusts Emergency Departments.

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She said: "I attended a course on how to start a business, and they've been supporting me ever since.She said: ‘I always wanted to run my own business, and had the idea of running a different kind of boutique.‘I'm an all or nothing girl, and I wanted to give up my day job and get started.' Kerry got stuck into her research and then looked to WBH's business support service who sent an advisor to give her an assessment.With a grounding in acute and critical care and specialist training in EM, he progressed to gain experience in the pre-hospital environment, initially through BASICs Scotland and more recently working as a doctor at events.David has a passion for education; during his NHS work, he regularly mentors students on the shop floor and delivers formal education lectures and workshops.He maintains close ties with Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA), where he undertook his BMed Sci Research Project.

He also took time to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa to work in one of the largest trauma departments in the world – Baragwanath Hospital and spend time with Critical Care Paramedics from Netcare 911, the leading South African Ambulance Service.

Social media means I can connect with my customers and have a conversation with them which wouldn't be possible otherwise.

I can tell them about new products,they can tell me what they like, and it means I can show the personality behind the business.

I've had lots of free training and strategy planning.

It's been brilliant.' Kerry, who is 45, and spent years in marketing helping other people to run their businesses, says she is delighted she took the leap herself.

Whilst in the final year of his medicine degree, Edward collaborated with Emergency Department registrar, Dr David Connor, who shared his drive in improving the standard of care in the event medicine industry.