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Website not updating internally

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However, there have been studies into the actual usefulness of the by useability experts, generating real data, that basically debunks the rule as a gospel truth.

Sometimes google can read these sometimes it can’t – it depends on how the menu is constructed.However, it made many assumptions about what you were trying to do and then broke horribly when your app didn’t follow those assumptions exactly.Read Jake Archibald's Application Cache is a Douchebag for more details.Ensure when a visitor lands on any page, they are presented with simple options to go to the pages you want them to go to.Simple, clear calls to action that encourage a user to visit specific pages.The tree system I mentioned above is a good quick and easy system of getting a site like a e-commerce website indexed but never use a mega menu – you don’t need to (why do you want to obscure your content either at any time with a drop down menu? I’ve considered in the past too that obscured links in drop down tags (or) could well be devalued by Google (it’s an easy way to hide unimportant links). With a site structure, it’s all about getting your content indexed. Depending on how much Pagerank you have, you might need to ensure you are linking to your product pages you NEED to rank in Google OFTEN FROM MANY PAGES WITH PR to ensure these pages have enough Pagerank to GET INTO GOOGLE’S MAIN INDEX. If you can’t be bothered tell Google what your most important pages are on your site via your own internal navigation structure, why should Google bother ranking it at all or assigning it Pagerank?

I test a lot with this site, but that’s not to say it’s perfect.

I’m aware too, I have a decent amount of REAL PAGERANK to play with which many wont.

I don’t think there is a perfect system to follow, just a sensible one.

PS – A basic HTML site map is an old friend, and Google actually does say in its guidelines for Webmasters that you should include a sitemap on your site – for Googlebot and users.

You can create a dynamic dropdown menus on your site that meet accessibility requirements and is SEO friendly and then link your pages together in a Google friendly way.

This allows users to skip the navigation array and get immediately to the page content.