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A multiple user, paid chat session can end up being more profitable than any other configuration.

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With Cam2Cam, users are even able to broadcast themselves back to performers during private shows, giving things a more "intimate" feel.All models participating on your website should give written consent to be screened and must be strictly above 18. Protecting minors from being exposed to the content on your site is yet another challenge Your homepage should contain a warning that your site contains adult content and people under 21 years of age are not allowed to watch the content.Legal age verification documents of all models featuring on your site must be maintained by you, the webmaster. For this very reason, you must install (Age Verification System), and AVS tools.Included with your purchase of an Owned License (Plan I), you get 3 months of free hosting, and hosting is always included with Leased Licenses.After 90 days on the Owned License plan, you have the option of either upgrading to one of our hosting plans, or letting us transfer you to your own server with zero downtime.They're not object-oriented, validations aren't consistently server-side, and different parts of the site are done in different styles.

Quite often, they don't use a proper and globally known framework, there is little to no emphasis on security, and the confusing and poor quality code is incomprehensible and unworkable for outside programmers.

Payout intervals are set to bimonthly, and are generated automatically.

All studio owners have detailed access to performance details, session history, and payment records.

They are also able to spy on their performers at any time.

Animated statistical graphs will clearly list every model's daily earnings, conversion ratios, and total time spent online. Offer them a percentage from every sale resulting from their references. Users are tracked using both cookies and IP, and statistics are updated in real time.

Please give me a Complete tep by step Guide on how should i set up this requirement do i need ? Please cover every thing in your answerthanks Hello Jack, I would like to concentrate on legal information first and would like to tell you about the legal obligations on your side. Your site will be tested for obscenity which is given in the link below.must avoid the following aspects of obscenity.(bestiality, incest, rape, and child pornography) on your site. the following site for top 10 web-hosting companies, their policies on adult-webhosting. let me know your feedback on this answer so far, before continuing further.