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Vocabulary dating exercise

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and i avoid doing strange food for not washing the dishes.

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I enjoy to see my friends laughing because we use to joke all time. I avoid to do homework every day so I do it in the class before the hour. I do avoid doing if possible , play a lot of game in the laptop because it's so bad for eyes In my week I enjoy spend the time with my friends and my girlfriend and I enjoy the thursday beacuse I have too many hours free along the day. Why don't you try it and come back and tell us what you think? Thanks , (Learn English Teens) Hi Pest R, You can say both of those. Unfortunately, we can't always answer individual user's grammar questions immediately. I find it's better than other translation tools because you can which option really makes sense for what you want to say. Alfie: Well, you like cooking, so lunch isn't the problem. You want to wear your favourite T-shirt but it's got tomato on it. Well, yes, that too – I don't know how to clean it but, no, that's not the real problem.

Daisy: Don't tell me, you invited Amy to go to your class dinner but she decided to go with Elliot instead ...

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Dating can be a fun time in your life if you do it right with some practice.

Second, I also like watching films, listening to friends. I do not mind doing some exercises to physic subject because I love it .

Of course, the things I want to avoid is framework's school education, it depresses on me. in my week , I enjoy visiting my family and doing picnic.

I would rather study by myself than study at school because I can find many interesting lessons in the internet, practise what I learned by playing game, and take a rest whenever I feel stress.