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As a result of the recognition afforded to "Apocalyptica plays Metallica by 4 cellos", two tracks from which were featured in US movie "Your Friends And Neighbors" (1998), the band were able to take their maple wood & metal show to a host of European territories, including Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Holland, the UK, Scandinavia & Finland, headlining in some places playing major festivals in others.

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He wanted the fifth album to be as complete a body of work as possible, a new chapter in the Encyclopaedia Apocalyptica; this is why first single "Bittersweet" (supported by an Antti Jokinen-directed promo) sees two of the rock scene's fastest rising frontmen, Ville Valo from H. M & Lauri Ylonen from The Rasmus, sons of Finland both, going head to head and heart to heart while the band hang like bats from the ceiling!Based on votes and about 400 comments, we summed this one up into a Top 25 rundown. #nohomo It's Chris Cornell's musicianship, voice, charisma, and looks that made him so unique.Petrucci is not only a total master of his instrument but is also jacked and has that beautiful beard. Don't know why you guys voted him so low on this list. Metallica frontman and co-founder looks really good, even today in his 50s. Not to mention the huge man-crush that many fans around the world had on him.Apocalyptica's musical influences range from the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich to Heavy Metal and opera and are so multifarious that bridging them takes more than a simple balancing act.The mastery of such monumental sounds requires ability and exceptional flexibility.At the heart of any Apocalyptica release is the pure sound of the cello, and by generally slowing the pace a touch, by being prepared to tug on the reins when needed, the band have been able to achieve a studio sound high on authenticity and colour; of course, it helped quite a bit that the studio in question (Susi) had actually been constructed for this very purpose by Eicca himself - a smart & sensible way of gaining the control mentioned above.

But it was 2007's "Worlds Collide" that turned Apocalyptica into an international phenomenon. (Anything But Love)", Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann performed on a cover of David Bowie and Brian Eno's "Helden" and Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier sang his heart out on "I Don't Care".

Most of the songs on the disc were produced by Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool) and two of the four vocal numbers were produced by Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach).

Working with Barresi as the main producer, was rewarding for Apocalyptica for a couple reasons.

When we were tracking, we just found great sounds and recorded them right there.

This week's traditional Wednesday Question saw the people of UG community discussing the matter of the best-looking musicians in rock and metal ever.

First, after years of flying around the world to record, they were able to work home in Helsinki.