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Validating terminal

validating terminal-73

docker/machine#2136 This worked for me: "As mentioned in the error line, you have conflicting / invalid host only interfaces.I'd recommend removing all of them that you can from the Virtual Box GUI -- (in menu bar: Virtual Box = I have the same problem.

If you experience issues outside of these supported environments and believe we should extend our targeted support feel free to open a new issue describing the issue, your support target and why you require extended support and we will address these issues on a case by case basis.This time all was working until I upgraded to latest Toolbox.I'm not sure what you mean, but I shutdown and restart docker with each reboot and it works great for me.It's not like these are small issues, they are disabling docker hosts completely! Yes, but this solution yet again assumes you want to kill your host machine and create a new one.This issue is marked as closed but yet I see no comment on a solution, or history of who closed it and why ? It's unbelievable how unstable this deck of cards is for Docker, each week I come across something else that blows it out of the water.These provide a way to check for common things that are more specific than BIDS compatibility.

An example is a check for the presence of a T1w modality.

Have a look at, perhaps it will alleviate some of the pains you are having once you apply the sethcleveland 's solution.

Also check these, perhaps there could be something of use there fore you: Easy Docker on OSX Docker Machine on OSX Just my 2 cents, not really an answer to your question tho, sorry and good luck! I had an older Docker version installed on my Mac that I hadn't used in a long time and ran into the problems described when I tried to start the default machine again, but removing host only networks from Virtual Box, un- and reinstall Docker, etc. @kevinmeredith 's solution helped me when upgrading from 1.9.1 to 1.10.2.

I upgrade and do whatever with other docker based software (for example, kitematic, docker terminal) as well and when I need it I bootup the docker-machine with the image I need when I need it, sometimes its the default, sometimes it's azk etc.

I'm not sure why people want to run everything as a process but then again, from hacker perspective I like to be in control of what's running, why and when, while many people see things differently and do not.

Now I have to go and see if I can hack some xml file to test @sethcleveland solution (if it's possible to do without creating a new host).