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Updating etc hosts

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For example, Windows Console's legacy blue is very difficult to read on a modern high-contrast displays ... and the improved blue is much more legible: What might not be immediately apparent from the above screenshots is that we didn't just change the blue, we actually tweaked of the colors!And also had some fun time opening the 3306 port for remote connections to my Raspberry Pi - finally used iptables-persistent. Who wants to stay and experience the traditional city/cultural center of Japan!?Consisting of a large vegetable garden, traditional japanise trees, bushes, Japanese apple fields with some western fruits, black currents, raspberrys, strawberrys and blakberries.Jobs--House work,cooking,maitaining garden,land and nice farm work.There are a number of ways to accomplish this, one way is using scp at the ESXi command line.

SSH access has to be enabled on the host you are copying to (and on the host you are copying from if you are accessing it via SSH).

But I think I have adjusted it to preserve the case of the names you enter.

SELECT host, user, password FROM user WHERE user = 'root'; ------------------ ------ ------------------------------------------- | host | user | password | ------------------ ------ ------------------------------------------- | localhost | root | *xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | | ip-10-48-110-188 | root | *xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | | | root | *xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | | ::1 | root | *xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | ------------------ ------ ------------------------------------------- SELECT host, user, password FROM user WHERE host = '%'; ------------------ ------ ------------------------------------------- | host | user | password | ------------------ ------ ------------------------------------------- | % | root | *xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | ------------------ ------ ------------------------------------------- So, the world dog now have the hash of your root password, the knowledge that root is accessible from any host on the Internet and the first byte of your IP address.

So how will you see the new color scheme if you have upgraded from a previous build?

We'll soon be publishing a tool that will help you apply this new scheme and a selection of alternative color schemes to your Windows Console. Here is the legacy color scheme (top), and the new default scheme (below): Additionally, the following table describes the color scheme change in terms of RGB values.

During the past 20 years, screens & display technology, contrast ratio, and resolution have changed significantly, from CRT's through TFT LCD's to modern-day nano-scale 4K displays.