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Updating block in autocad

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), but the real advantage of Computer Aided Design is the ability to . Auto CAD has been called the world’s biggest drawing board (It’s also been called the world’s biggest eraser!

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If your attributed Fields aren’t updating – type FEILDEVAL in at the command line to check this variables value.I find it helpful to use the properties palette to find the old name of the block first. Select ‘Blocks’ to filter the RENAME dialogue to blocks.Enter the old name of the block, enter the new name of the block and choose OK. If you get the message: ‘‘ You probably have a DWG file which contains an exploded dynamic block.Draw order is one of those weird things in Auto CAD that doesn’t always work as you expect.DRAWORDER is really useful when building Wipeouts into your block definitions to mask Auto CAD geometry.To change the order that geometry is drawn, right click and chose from: This seems to re-write the draw order, and the order that Auto CAD draws your entities will now be more reliable.

This quick tip really helps when you want to update a block definition in one drawing from a block definition in another drawing.

Make sure that you used ‘INSERT’ and not ‘OPEN’ to access the DWG which contains the block definition.

If you insert a Dynamic block definition into your drawing and find that it has suddenly become ‘Dumb’ – you’ve probably accidently inserted the whole drawing that contains the Dynamic block definition. One unit in Auto CAD could be 1mm, 1 Inch or 1 Parsec.

Sometimes the attribute’s position doesn’t update as you’d expect.

BATTMAN (Block ATTribute MANager) can solve this problem.

Just redefining the blocks origin won’t do – this will move your blocks all over the place (don’t even mention blocks that have been rotated or mirrored).