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Undercover boss canada tervita online dating

CEO Ellis Jacob has had wild success in the theatre business, but the digital revolution has left audiences with a myriad of viewing options.

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Stacey gets brewing with her frontline employees – her most valuable asset – and shows them what this really means.Ellis goes undercover in theatres serving popcorn and selling tickets in hopes to improve efficiency and innovation in order keep the good times rolling.But how will this media mogul perform on the ground floor away from his spreadsheets and head office corner suite?Most importantly, they learn how to apply what they have gained from the experience – both for their company and for themselves.As the new CEO of the Toronto Zoo, John Tracogna has a lot of beasts to herd.Now Paul has taken over in this highly competitive industry, but his background is in the oil industry and IT – not pizza.

Paul goes undercover to get a slice of the action and the front line information he needs to run the company successfully.

Getting down and dirty on the job, Brian collects much more than junk – including new inspiration from employees along the way.

Toronto headquartered Cineplex theaters plays host to 70 million guests annually.

Undercover Boss Canada is a Canadian reality television series, based on the British series of the same name.

Each episode depicts a person who has a high management position at a major Canadian business, deciding to become undercover as an entry-level employee to discover the faults in the company.

Working in a male-dominated industry, Kelly connects with other women in the breweries to see what they face on the job – and she is surprised by what she learns.