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Top up maxis rm5 online dating

I'm not sure if a newly-activated #Hotlink SIM pack comes with any free high-speed data, though.

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I normally subscribe more than enough, or just use the "Free Basic Internet" if I hop over just for a few hours, so I hardly look at this feature.The Maxis Hot Link Starter Card comes with RM5 Value (Valid for 5 Days) 300MB Data (Valid for 2 Days) Every weekend, you get 2GB Data for FREE to use on Saturday and Sunday as long as your number is active.FANTASTIC for WEEKEND TRIPS to Johor Bahru or Malaysia!To stay active for a full year, one would only need to top up RM5 every 2 months (approx 60 days) x 6 times which is only RM30 per year. Conclusion Di Gi’s offering is to be commended as it scretches the validity longer without imposing access fees like Hotlink.With the same amount on other prepaids, you’d get around a month validity. However we are also hoping that Di Gi will make this as a permanent feature rather than a limited time offer.Di Gi’s offer is simple and gives more value to its customers as it only requires a RM100 usable reload. Happy costs only RM30 per year to maintain and you get RM30 usable credit.

This means every single sen spent for validity is actual credit or talk time that subscribers can use. The only catch is that you have to top up the minimum RM5 every 2 months which could be more troublesome than Di Gi’s and Hotlink one-off offering.

Keep your SIM Card active by topping up with money.

The card will be inactive for 30 days after 5 days unless topped up.

If you are talking about 2nd line, it’s different story already.

Reply mc DIGI is not profitable for me because I use not more that RM30 per year, 365 celcom is more better for me low capital which not just dump in for RM100 and not make use the sum pay.

This makes Happy the lowest prepaid to maintain in terms of top-up. Apparently it was reported that MCMC has announced that telcos should offer prepaid plans with atleast 180 days validity period.