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Summer military boot camp for adults

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Boot camps are by far the most popular choice when parents look for outside help with their teens. A discipline problem, drug problem, or attitude problem can be caused by a lot of different things.The problems can be mild and easily corrected or severe and require extensive intervention. Many of the boot camps offer the same sort of activities that would be offered in a military boot camp: a drill sergeant, barracks, strict routine, exercise, and focus on discipline.

Hope Therapy’s mom Marianne Davenport served as an Army Nurse, Hope Therapy’s Rebecca Davenport served her time as the daughter of two veterans, and Hope Therapy’s Program Director Laura Brown served as a Naval Aircrewman.Our treatment programs and youth camps have the same benefits as a boot camp, but go much further.We focus on the entire person: physical, spiritual, and psychological.Further, the AFF/Kaplan University Military Family Scholarship program has awarded over 1,200 scholarships to military spouses and dependents in all 50 states, 8 countries and 150 military installations around the world valued at approximately $9.2 million.Freedom Service Dogs For almost 30 years, Freedom Service Dogs has rescued dogs from shelters, and custom-train them to become service dogs, giving them to clients on our waiting list at no charge.Hope Therapy’s Horses Helping Veterans Program Hope Therapy is a 501 c 3 non-profit program (CFC# 33731).

Our program uses a form of therapy that assists children and adults with special needs utilizing the help of horses.

However, boot camps are not places to send teens that are struggling with more complex issues and behaviors.

Studies have shown that boot camps are not that affective, regardless of their popularity.

Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Program is a good alternative to boot camps for troubled teens.

Fire Mountain offers a complete program that includes education, positive discipline, recreation, equine-assisted therapy, individual personal therapy, parental involvement and more. Many parents that send their troubled teens to boot camp would be better served sending them to Fire Mountain instead.

They do that through the Festival concert series which has raised in excess of $1.2 million dollars for military focused charities across the country.