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His citation reads 'He was an wireless operator with 58 Squadron, flying Whitley bombers out of Linton on Ouse, in Yorkshire."As Wireless Operator, this airman has completed 19 operational flights including attacks on Berlin, Mannheim, Cologne and other parts of Germany and German occupied territories.

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One aircraft from the squadron then attacked a merchant vessel and another, two steamers, but neither achieved hits on their targets.After surviving a number of accidents and continued front-line service, he had amassed a total of thirty-seven aerial victories by the end of 1943.On 6 March 1944, while attempting to intercept American bombers approaching Berlin, his aircraft was hit by defensive fire.49 Squadron's participation was prompted by a signal from Group received at 10.00hrs requesting 20 aircraft to attack the 'Scharnhorst' and 'Gneisenau' at sea.The crews were briefed at about midday, their mission being to bomb the ships.By late evening it was acknowledged that sixteen aircraft were missing, with the Hampden force being hit the hardest with ten lost and one wrecked in a crash near Norwich which killed the pilot.

Eventually, it was found that from 16 missing aircraft, sixty-three airmen were dead and five were in captivity.

It appears to have been damaged by anti-aircraft fire, believed from a local radar-guided Marine unit, MFla A.808, based at Den Helder.

The pilot made a successful crash-landing near the Veerweg and Amstelmeer lake, east of Anna Pauwlona village, at around 9.15pm and all of the crew survived. Hampdens AD824 and AE392 from 144 Squadron - February 1942 In early 1942 the RAF suspected that the German battleships moored at Brest, in France, would try to escape at any time.

Four aircraft of 49 Squadron were lost in the attack in which all are thought to have crashed into the sea in that appalling visibility.

It is now believed that two of the aircraft were shot down by German fighters, AE132 piloted by F/Sgt Charles Pollitt and AE396 flown by Sgt Edward Phillips.

His courage and ability have been outstanding throughout.' P/O Melville Percy Griffiths was born in 1905, son of John Wyndham Griffiths and Sarah Jane Griffiths and was married to Eileen Mary Ethel Griffiths, of Sheldon, Warwickshire.