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There are 24 individual places that look like it could be for stamps of the Presidents. If you would be interested in helping me identify this item I cold send you a photo.We would really like to know for we have it for a long time.

Regards Boris E-Mail Hello, My father has bought an unusual piece at a yardsale that we think was used for stamps for the first 24 Presidents. This piece is about 7in around (like a small plate). It has some scroll work on it and in the middle of the Presidential Seal it has the words Presidents of United States.Any help is much appreciated Tom E-Mail E-Mail Hello I have a collection. Roy Spencer E-Mail Dear Sirs, I am currently looking for collectors and enthusiasts interested in old European letters from the last 300 years. Frank Sagstetter E-Mail Dear Sirs: Please find attached images of an expertised cover (L. I have a friend that has many of these from the war.From Austria some 32 letters written from the inside and carta business card dating from 1895-1906 years condicion great and I have two sets starih postcard is the first Bonn RC Raina edg.v.konig 1915-1925. This collection belonged to my late grandfather, who has been a antique merchant and left me with a huge amount of old books, postcards, letters etc. Having that in mind, I have decided to interest other people with these letters, for whom they may have some other value, rather than just a sentimental one. Stężyca/(deutsch) Stendsitz, 1792 (Latin Polish) / 2 pcs. Gdańsk / (deutsch) Danzig Bydgoszcz / (deutsch) Bromberg, 1842 3. He handed this one to me and I was kind of excited because it had the stamp on it.Others of the same stamp on both Delcampe and e Bay show it was for Aids, just a blue ribbon, a tax stamp, etc. I was wondering if you could tell me anything at all, I've not been able to find anything. The stamps that they collected were placed in an album in the early 1900s. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Maybe about 5 - 10 US$ for all these stamps together. Tammra Bryant E-Mail Hi I have two stamps very rare for sale,one cap bour 81 Romania,one Viktor Emanuel 40 c head invert. Thank you Koncz E-Mail I got your address from the e Bay site and wonder if you can assist me. Thank you, Ken Karchmar E-Mail We have a collection of Presidents of the United States which includes stamps from Washington to Lyndon Johnson.E-Mail Hi I am an avid coin collector and as u may know there are presidential gold dollar coins for each and every president that weve had and with this set I am trying to combine it along with anything neat that I can add to them so I already have state stamps for each quarter that I have and I would love to be able to get stamps to go along with each president coin I have aswell. Kamieniec / (deutsch) Steindorf/Wiesensteindorf, 1790 9. Sincerely, Albert Wolf E-Mail These are cinderella stamps about the German colonies without any postage value. We have three 1 cent stamps with George Washington on them. I have inherited many years ago from my deceased father (1973) a very large stamp collection mainly of former European but mostly German and British colonial territorial stamps ranging from early 1900's thru 1960's in very good condition in albums. The sheets have AMERIPEX 85 International Stamp Show, Chicago, Illinois, May 22- June1, l986, written on the bottom.If you have a question or you want send us a message about collecting of stamps be published here then send an email to us.

Readers who can answer a published question should send the answer to the email address of the person who asked. You can also add questions online at our new online forum E-Mail If these stamps are authentic then they have a high value!

However, my Opa and I have had quite the difficulty finding the value of these stamps, there is no current catalogue that shows an updated price. Regards William E-Mail Sirs: I need a few rare German WWII stamps to complete my mint collection. It is from several countries but it's not a problem for you or?

Attached is the photo of the stamps in questions, if you have any idea of the value or where to find the value we would greatly appreciate the input. Specifically, I am looking for: 1945 U-Boot-Feldpost Hela Kreta and Aegaische Inseln Luftfeld post--various islands Packenmarken from various Aegaische islands Agramer Druck from these islands Rhodes Weihnachtsmarke 1944 Kurland luftpost 1945 Mahrisch-Ostrau Sudentenland Laibach 1944 2L Please let me know if you have any of these stamps. E-Mail E-Mail Good day I would like to know which American President had 1000 000 stamps in his collection? Kind Regards, Agnes Mngomezulu E-Mail I would like to know if two (2) 1906 postage stamps, a 1906 business card and other items from that era are of any value.

I have also a $0.03 Washington stamp postmarked 1937 I would like to know about. Both are used (found on the same letter from 1868). Thank you, Robert Long E-Mail My stepfather died and had a cent collection with a few that had presidents on them. He had an Eisenhower six cents stamps, Truman eight cents stamps, and LBJ eight cents stamps.

I was more of a coin collector growing up and just want to know the approximate value of any of these stamps. Brodnica / (deutsch) Strasburg in Kniglich-Preuen 20. Gdańsk / (deutsch) Danzig, 1831 If you are interested in any I will be happy to send photos as well as the rest of the list along with the needed information.

A new set of stamps featuring images of the popular Ladybird books that helped generations of children to learn to read has been issued by Royal Mail.