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Steve harvey and dating

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The in-demand comedian and talk show host has shown he's not afraid to take on new career projects, no matter how challenging.

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"Nobody said getting what you want is going to be easy," says Harvey. If you can get through the tough spots, the victory is yours." See the post at Harvey's Instagram profile.On his radio show, he talks about the “sickening” anti-Obama movement, defending the president’s health care program and calling out the president’s critics by name.Perhaps most controversially, Harvey called black activists/academics Cornel West and Travis Smiley “Uncle Toms” for criticizing Obama. I’m not retracting my statements, I’m just apologizing.It shows an incredible devotion and an impressive knowledge of the Bible and Christian tradition. Harvey didn’t back down, calling atheists “idiots,” expressing skepticism over the theory of evolution and the Big Bang theory and saying that if someone tells him they’re an atheist, he simply walks away.Harvey has credited God for his success as an entertainer as well. Harvey is a Democrat, and most of his political activity involves endorsing, defending or hosting one Obama event or another."If you're an atheist, you're basing your goodness and morality on what?

" He asked, before adding, "If you don't believe in God, well then, to me you're an idiot...

Memphis later posted the monumental dates in their lives. After the couple revealed their engagement online, Lori addressed inquiries about the couple’s decision to get married at their young ages, including if she is pregnant.

And to share her excitement with followers, the 20-year-old bride-to-be posted a few gorgeous photos from the proposal, which documented her surprise and elation at her now-fiancé getting down on one knee. “No I’m not pregnant and won’t be for a while,” she posted. I don’t need y’all’s permission,’ ” Steve, who wed Marjorie in 2007, told PEOPLE. “When you’re dealing with a blended family, everyone is coming from a place of broken,” she said.

As you'll see in these images, the extra work is paying off. Staying focused because I know my HEALTH is worth it." See the post at Harvey's Instagram profile.

It's all about staying focused to achieve your goals. Harvey prepares to pump up his pecs with some dumbbell incline presses.

"A woman should not go out with a man who doesn't believe in God," he said at the time.