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Get up close and personal to these majestic creatures.

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The elephants enjoy this part of the day the most as it is like a massage for them!PMGY will place a coordinator at the project to assist participants as the mahouts only speak a basic level of English.When selecting travel insurance for your trip please ensure your policy covers you for working with elephants.The project fees for the programme are used to fund the care of the elephants.You will be working alongside a mahout (elephant carer) who has years of experience and draws upon generations of tribal knowledge about elephants.The Sri Lankan elephant is the largest of the Asian elephant; they have patches of depigmentation (areas with no skin colour) on their ears, face, trunk and belly.

PMGY have created a programme that allows you to work directly with this amazing animal, giving them the daily care and support they need.

For a relatively small country, Sri Lanka has a high population of elephants – over 4,000.

Elephants play a big part in Sri Lankan culture and have been trained for religious, commercial and domestic purposes for thousands of years.

Our PMGY Elephant Policy will provide you with this level of cover and is 50% more expensive than our standard policy.

This can either be selected during the online application process or can be added at a later date.

Washing – The elephants are also bathed twice a day.