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Sattu ka atta online dating

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You must be curious about the flour if you haven't already tasted it.Farm laborours were given sattu, raw onion and jaggery as their mid day meal in olden days, they used to do hard work in scorching sun, this food was cooling for the system, hydrating and stamina building. Sattu is considered strengthening, cooling, light meal that doesn't sit heavy on your system and even helps detox as it is quite rich in soluble fiber.Normally it is consumed with raw onion and chopped coriander greens so the cleansing effect of the meal is even better.3-4 tbsp sattu can make a filling quick fix meal better tasting than instant noodles. You would know when you mix all the ingredients as you would immediately feel like having it. There is another way to include sattu for convenience and nutrition. A dollop of laal mirch ka bharva achar (stuffed red chilly pickle) is served with this porridge sattu mostly. Others in the home will also be drawn towards the kitchen believe me. This is how my grandmother used to quickly mix up a tasty snack for us after our play time in childhood sometimes. You could put your flour in the freezer over the night, and I will guess that they are all dead in the next morning.

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Sattu ka sharbat, both sweet and salty varieties, is sold as a cooling drink during hot summers in some small towns of eastern UP and Bihar, even in Calcutta.

Sattu can be milled using roasted chickpeas with skin as well, enhancing the fiber content in it, but I find it too grainy so sometime I add half skinned and half with skin roasted chickpeas in my sattu.

Sattu must be a new name for most of you but don't just be fooled by it's simplicity, it is one of the wonder foods that I know.

I am sure you don't need any introduction to chickpeas but roasted chickpeas flour is not a very common ingredient in other parts of the world.

We normally get roasted chickpeas coated with salt and pepper or chaat masala in the supermarkets and have it with our evening tea.