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Sarah mclachlan dating geoff courtnall

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“At this point in our lives we’ve gone through loss, so now it’s time to s–t or get off the pot.” So there have been changes.

“All those male anchors went away within four days of each other.” But instead of diving back into the lyrical canon of despair and producing carbon copies of past hits such as , plays up her new-found appreciation for erotic pleasure.“Things are going fantastically,”; the songstress offered. By her own admission, Sarah Mc Lachlan’s career thrives on the threat of defeat.“I started off doing a lot of breakup songs,” Mc Lachlan says.Her previous disc, released in 2010, zoned in on the disastrous end of her 11-year marriage with former drummer Ashwin Sood, the father of Mc Lachlan’s two daughters. “It feels disingenuous to talk about now.” Midlife crises brought about an artistic turning point.Even her album cover looks exactly like something she’d have put out in 1999. She included people outside of her usual inner circle during the songwriting sessions.

Long-time producer-collaborator Pierre Marchand, who is used to being the only co-pilot on her records, is joined by Matt Morris (Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake), super-producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Michael Bublé), and Luke Doucet, who co-fronts the duo Whitehorse with his wife, Melissa Mc Clelland (both have been in Mc Lachlan’s touring band).

“I think with this record, Sarah’s opening herself up in ways she hasn’t in the past.

There is a candour to her songs that you don’t always hear in her work. These new songs are less obscure and really do focus on her life right now, which is very positive.” The record does seem brighter than the rest of her oeuvre.

Her home is filled with Indonesian-, African- and Asian-styled furnishings that look as though they were snapped up at a Moroccan street market, or a Pier 1 Imports outlet.

She’s reflecting on her career, and is remarkably frank about its vicissitudes.

“A lot come in never having picked up an instrument before,”; she explained of the students. They’re graduating in grade 12, valedictorians of their schools, going on to post-secondary, becoming lovely songwriters, they’re blossoming, and becoming their most beautiful selves. Right now it’s fireside, quiet, mellow, you can put it on the record player and play it start to finish, but it’s early stages, so things might change.”; Watch the video below to see if Mc Lachlan’s musical daughters will ever be joining her on stage.