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We have no account of the existence of a town on the site during the period of the independence of Selinunte, though there is little doubt that the thermal waters would always have attracted some population to the spot.

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Region: Sicily City: Agrigento Area: Cianciana CASA LEONE VIA GATTUSO Houses of three floors above ground separable into two units with two independent staircases. Region: Sicily City: Agrigento Area: Caltabellotta The house has been recently renovated, it is a split level house a ground floor and then a second floor (the level inbetween belongs to another owner) that is accessed by internal ...After the Sicilian Vespers, it established itself as a free commune.During the Aragonese-Angevine wars it was besieged numerous times, after which the Peralta family took possession of it and obtained by the king of Sicily the right to mint coins.A young lady walked in and took a seat, and one of the waiters commented to Russo, “Watch out for her, she’s the boss’s daughter.” Russo thought the waiter meant the boss of the bar, but as it turned out the staff was talking, in hushed tones, about the “big” boss. Thus began Russo’s fascination with Cosa Nostra, the dark underbelly of Sicily.“At the time, I didn’t even know the Sicilian Mafia still existed,” Russo says.Sciacca still retains much of its medieval layout, which divided the town into quarters, each laid out on a strip of rock descending toward the sea.

Sciacca has several points of interest, including: Sciacca's festivals include the Carnival, celebrated during the week before the beginning of Lent (February).

During World War II the Italian Regia Aeronautica (Royal Air Force) had a base near Sciacca.

The municipality borders Caltabellotta, Menfi, Ribera and Sambuca di Sicilia.

Nor even under the Romans did the place attain to anything like the same importance with the northern Thermae; and there is little doubt that Pliny is mistaken in assigning the rank of a colonia to the southern instead of the northern town of the name.

Strabo mentions the waters ( The origins of the town's name have been much debated, with Latin "ex acqua", as a reference to the springs of thermal water of the area, or Arabic "Syac", meaning bath, and al Saqquah, dating back to the cult of the Syrian god "Shai al Quaaum", as possibilities.

The house is well refurbished throughout with luxury fixtures and fittings and parquet floors.