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Counting 2017-18, Lincoln City have played 105 seasons in the Football League (previously in 2010-11).Lincoln City have the unenviable distinction of being the club with the all-time-most demotions/relegations into Non-League Football – the Red Imps have been sent down into the non-League Wilderness 5 times.

And Lincoln City’s attendances had dropped off from 5.1 K ten years ago, to just 2.5 K in 2015-16. -Table, fixtures, results, attendance, stats…LEAGUE TWO [Summary] ( -League Two 2017-18 season preview (by Ben Fisher at A brief re-cap of 2016-17 League Two [the 4th division]… Lincoln, Lincolnshire is the 69nd-largest Urban Area in the UK . Population of Lincoln: city population of around 97,000; built-up-area-population of around 114,000 .Meanwhile, Lincoln remained atop the 5th division table despite strong pursuit by Tranmere and Forest Green.Lincoln City ended a dreary 6-season-stint in non-League football by winning the 2016-17 National League title, four points ahead of Tranmere Rovers, clinching the title and automatic promotion with 2 games to spare.Then Lincoln City signed Cowley in the summer of 2016.

Then Cowley led Lincoln City to both FA Cup glory (first non-League team into the 6th round in over a century), and Cowley also guided Lincoln City back into the Football League by winning the 2016-17 Natinal League title.

The Cowley brothers introduced novel training techniques…“…‘The benefit of having been PE teachers is we can transfer little bits of other sports into football,’ Nicky, 34, the Lincoln assistant manager, says while sitting in their modest office a few hours before kick-off. Then from there, they have to show me their runs’…An app called Hudl, which allows clips to be sent to each player’s mobile or tablet after a game, is a tool they used at Braintree as well as with the Lincoln players and, an average of 45 minutes is spent on team video analysis every day before training”…{-excerpts from From playground to dugout: PE teaching brothers schooling Lincoln in ‘Moneyball’, on 19 Sept.

‘Game calls, for example: they’re used in rugby and basketball — there’s never a lineout taken in rugby without a game call. He proceeds to flick through a book of set pieces (corners and free kicks), with names such as Cluster, Stagger, Box, Shoehorn . 2016 by Gregor Robertson at uk / link to article at a Braintree-Town-fans’-forum site, here).

Photo of Lincoln Cathedral, photo by Richard Croft via uk.

Photo of street in Lincoln by a canal, with Lincoln Cathedral in background, photo by YTFC independent site uk/[match gallery , Lincoln City 2-3 Yeovil Town (3rd Div match)].

Lincoln City’s two runs – their successful promotion-run and their historic Cup-run – fed off each other.