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Red flags for guy you are dating

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But before you get your hopes up, don't waste your time with a total scrub.

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The ability to connect with a virtually endless amount of like-minded singles is an amazing thing that would be pretty much impossible without dating apps. If their messaging habits lack consistently, and they often dip out of conversations without a closer, or they straight up don't respond to you, then this is a sign that their interest level may be lower than it should be.If you're dating around and don't mind hooking up with a person who might end up being a dud, then it's probably OK to give them the benefit of the doubt.But if you want a relationship, then keep your eye out for these red flags, and don't allow yourself to get jerked around.So, you've met someone new and they check all of the boxes. Now, things are starting to transition into possibly exclusive territory, and you're counting the days until you're officially an item. There's something about them that makes you wonder if you can trust them.If you have a sneaking suspicion that something could be off about the new person in your life, keep an eye out for red flags at the beginning of a relationship before you let them get too close.It can definitely be a bit difficult to completely figure someone out in the early stages of a new relationship.

Even though, at face value, it seems like you are obviously spending time together with the hopes of getting to know each other better, we all know that at the start of any promising relationship, everyone is usually on their best behavior.

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Or like when you have morning breath that could literally kill a zombie (yes, the zombie would die Sometimes, though, the whole embracing their flaws thing can get taken a little too far. Why it's a red flag: He's not over a drinking problem.

So, the best we can do is equip ourselves with clarity—what we want and what we don’t want.

Through experience, I’ve learned what I am willing to accept and what I’m not.

It's totally possible that this person is just a bad texter, or that meeting in the flesh could change that, but it might not."When someone doesn’t respond in a timely manner, and disappears during the text layer of the relationship, they create a lot of anxiety and hurt feelings," relationship and etiquette expert April Masini, of Relationship Advice Forum, told Elite Daily.