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Interestingly, NUP treatment induced ERK activation in a human melanoma cell line, expressing BRAF mutation.

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This family of compounds has gained considerable interest for treating infection, inflammation and cancer. B is a central, downstream regulator of inflammation, cell proliferation and apoptosis. We RTT(Radiation Therapy Technologist)the members of a multidisciplinary team comprising of radiation oncologist , medical physicist always struggle with complicated time taking treatment set-ups and huge patients load on daily basis ( approx.180-250 patients per day )on all Teletherapy units.

In our previous work we demonstrated strong inhibition of NF-? In addition, NUP exhibited anti-inflammatory properties and partial protection from LPS-induced septic shock by modulating ERK pathway and cytokine secretion in macrophages. Purpose The aim of this study is to drive a radiotherapy work load using patient data related to treatment information on teletherapy treatment units at our institute.

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