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Palm pixi profile online dating

But it’s good enough to serve as a ringer, work for speakerphone calls, and play sounds to remind you of appointments.

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To get to it, place your thumb on the screen, wrap your fingers around the back of the case, and gently push your thumb up so the keyboard slides out from the bottom. Your Pre’s screen is touchy—but in a good way: It responds to finger taps and movements, which is how you tell the Pre what to do.Enter your password and then tap anything you want to change.—to run more than one program at a time (so you could surf the Web and get emails at the same time, for example)—and the Pre had to stay always connected to the Web, because most people use the Internet as part of their daily lives. The Pre is a smartphone with impressive capabilities.But to let it do all that cool stuff, Palm needed a serious controlling program at the Pre’s core (the program at the heart of every computer, including the Pre, is called the .If you like, you can get event notifications (see Quick Launch panel) even with the Pre locked.Go to the Launcher (The Launcher), tap Screen & Lock→Show When Locked, and then tap On.You can change your profile info any time, either at the Palm Profile website ( or on the Pre itself (the Pre sends the updated info to the website).

To change it on the Pre, go to the Launcher and tap Backup→Preferences→Palm Profile.

You’ll find a single latch smack dab in the middle of the otherwise barren bottom of the Pre. You have only three reasons to do this: to replace a dead battery (or to swap out a depleted battery for one that’s charged), to replace the back cover if you buy the Pre’s Touchstone charging accessory (see Replace the Battery), and to find your Pre’s serial number. With a resolution of 3 megapixels, it’s a decent cellphone camera.

The flash triggers automatically in low light (unless you turn that feature off). You’ll never mistake the Pre’s speaker for hi-fi audio—it’s barely a step above a 1960s transistor radio.

In addition, if you ever need to call customer support, representatives may refer to web OS, as may email messages from Palm.

The Pre’s case looks sleek and seamless, but it houses a number of buttons, switches, and other components like the speaker, camera, and flash.

It’s the Pre’s equivalent of a PC’s desktop—it displays open programs and serves as the conduit for communications between you and the Pre.