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Page numbers in word 2016 not updating

page numbers in word 2016 not updating-64

I've created an automatic table of contents within Microsoft Word.

For example, when you insert a date or time and set it to be automatically updated, Word inserts a code.They help perform the magic involved with many of the most powerful features in Word, such as mail merging, indexing, automatic generation of tables of contents, automatic figure numbering, cross-referencing, page numbering, and more.There are many different types of fields, each with a specific purpose, but they break down into three main categories.If you have added lines manually saying "figure 1 - blah blah" then word won't renumber them because they are just another line of text.You can tell which captions are added and managed by word and which one aren't by toggling on field codes.If you have a template or other type of document that regularly requires the date to be updated, you can make Microsoft Word 2016 or 2013 display a date that automatically updates.

This is much easier than remembering to update it manually yourself.

I've found that I have to force the page numbers on some of my documents to get it to work with TOC.

If you edit the header section of the document, it should bring up a "design" tab in the ribbon.

These have captions which are numbered, like "Image 1-Example of something".

Later on I decided to rearrange some of chapters of my document.

Select the Page Number button on the left and click on format page number. Then put the page number that it should be, and exit the header edit mode and it should update correctly in TOC.