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Outlook 2016 global address list not updating exchange 2016

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Here is a run down on what the (2) MS engineers told me: -Don't change anything manually.-Outlook will dynamically pick up the new AD/Exchange infrastructure changes. They actually escalated the ticket twice, thus I got fairly high up in rank I think. We recently shut down the legacy DCs I mentioned in my original post, and brought the new DCs online as planned. We did it nice 'n slow to make sure the new servers were functioning before we yanked the old servers. However, when we manually add our Exchange Accounts in Outlook, the GAL and OAB work perfectly. However, when turning on Auto Discover, we are finding that users are being prompted with a log in message box every time the close and open Outlook.

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After discovering a DC with the GAL, it appears that Outlook never tries to query for GAL servers again. @dstranathan I think I'm getting closer to an answer.The key at the end of the URL ("2d1f6b5f-c74d-4803-b7f4-fbbda4ee8c30"), do you know if that key exists in your "UBF8T346G9. Older versions had an issue where the Keychain entries were causing problems prompting users to log in at every launch.Office" location that might be able to be passed to the "gal download directory"? @pbowden with Microsoft created a tool to deal with this.To make new users show up in the GAL immediately, you can force a rebuild of the OAB.Once the OAB is rebuilt (may take longer in larger organizations), users must download the OAB in Outlook. Off Keychain Kerberos and Autodiscover are unrelated.

Kerberos helps authenticate users to their server and Autodiscover helps Outlook find its servers.

Therefore, there is no need for equivalent instructions for the Mac operating system.

If you're having issues with your Outlook address book, such as a new employee's information not showing up, there may be a simple solution.

Follow the steps below to force a rebuild on Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007, and perform the client-side steps to download it in Outlook.

In Exchange Server 2007, the OAB can be updated using the following command from the shell: Update-Offline Address Book “Name of Address Book” To update all OABs: Get-Offline Address Book | Update-Offline Address Book On the client go to Outlook 2003/2007 | , wait for the download to complete (depending on your bandwidth and size of OAL, this may be close to instant, or it may take a few minutes)– Check if the user appears in the GAL If you want to have new users show up in the GAL for Outlook Cached Mode users more quickly, you can update the OAB refresh interval to have Exchange update it more frequently.

If you enter that URL in a browser, you should be prompted for your Exchange credentials.