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Nurses specializing in women’s health work in a variety of areas such as: Despite what some may think, nurses with a broad range of expertise and educational preparation are eligible to pursue meaningful careers in women’s healthcare.Either a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) opens doors for professions in women’s health care.

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In addition to increased eligibility to work in leadership, an MSN will also enable nurse specialists to: The advantages afforded by pursuing an advanced degree are tremendous; online programs that offer advancement from RN to MSN status are especially desirable as they expedite the ability for a nurse to transition into a position with increased professional leverage.

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Among the many professional focuses nurses can assume, the women’s health nurse focuses their curriculum of care exclusively on female health issues.

These nurses have a myriad of options as to where they wish to focus their careers.

Nurses who select a specialty that either directly deals with women’s health issues or that most-strongly and negatively impacts women are positioning themselves to positively impact the overall health of women.