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What was mind-blowingly intense at first can become “meh” inducing over a surprisingly short time.Boredom can set in pretty quickly, especially when sex is the same thing Even a man who can lick his eyebrows loses his appeal when going down is the exact same routine. It’s the killer of attraction, the muffler of orgasms.

Sex toys can be another valuable way of keeping the novelty factor high; a vibrator on her clitoris (or your shaft, for that matter) can lead to intense new orgasms.That is, instead of desire preceding action – “I’m horny, therefore I’m going to I’m going to start kissing and touching you” – sensual and sexual contact is what the desire.So not only are men more likely to get hit with the “boner out of nowhere” version of horniness, they’re also much quicker to peak… So while men and women take approximately the same amount of time to reach peak arousal and orgasm, men tend to start the process before women do.One of the biggest mistakes people get from porn is the idea that cock is all you need when it comes to sex. Vaginal penetration is one of the worst ways to try to get women off.If you’ve got the right equipment – especially one that’s big enough to need a secondary circulatory system – then all you have to do is drive things home and watch your girl moan her way to ecstasy and bragging about you to her friends later. she’s laying there contemplating the ceiling and hoping you don’t pass out before at least . On the other hand, 80% of hetero and bi women and 91% of lesbians almost orgasmed through a combination of oral sex, manual stimulation and deep kissing, even when vaginal sex was never in the picture.While everyone’s different – some dudes can take forever, while some women are easier to get off than a pair of shoes – in general men tend to reach orgasm far faster than women.

This is in no small part because many women have a “responsive” arousal pattern.

The clitoris is bigger than most people realize, with wings reaching down into the sides of the pubic mound.

Rubbing the palm of your hand against the vulva can be more intensely pleasurable than just trying to trace the alphabet with your tongue.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying porn in and of itself; in fact, odds are good that your girlfriends and wives would dig watching some with you.

But the fact of the matter is: porn makes you lousy in bed.

As a result: guys get off and leave their partners waiting to get some quality time with the showerhead. Finger tips at the crook of the elbow or down the sides of her hips can make her shudder in the best ways.