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Tormented and despondent after Dax's death, Jane was having hallucinations herself.

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The over-used plot twist in this film was also seen in Carnival of Souls (1962), Siesta (1987), Jacob's Ladder (1990), A Pure Formality (1994), The Sixth Sense (1999), The Others (2001), Soul Survivors (2001), Stay (2005), and many other films.Guilt-Ridden and With a Change of Heart, He Attempted to Save His Brother - Simon Struggled to Make Sense of Things and Change the Reality of His Death (While Efforts Were Made to Revive Him), But He Was Not Able to Be Resuscitated Director Roland Suso Richter's enigmatic psychological thriller (direct to video/DVD) was based upon screenwriter Michael Cooney's own play "Point of Death" - a title that gave away the film's entire plot twist premise. And your wife, whose name is Anna, is waiting outside." (The doctor left off four crucial additional words, revealed in the film's ending.) (Spoiler: Simon had died and was not resuscitated!As in many similar films, such as Jacob's Ladder (1990), Soul Survivors (2001), and The Butterfly Effect (2004), events and people were thoroughly distorted and confused because the protagonist was at the point of death. Jeremy Newman (Stephen Rea) that it was July 29, 2002 (Simon thought it was the year 2000 - he was confused - he heard a doctor say hours! ) A major clue to everything that truly happened was the scene that played next under the credits - hospital staff failed to bring a patient back to life with a defibrillator after a car accident. A second major clue was provided by hospital orderly Travis (Stephen Graham): He thought he had lost two years of his life. In order to recover what you've lost, Simon, we need to find the two points in time and join them."There were lots of confused pathways that he explored as he darted back and forth as a time-traveler between the two years.She was introduced by Dax's self-destructive, strung-out, drug-abusing half-sister Mila (Jennifer Ciesar) to Rick (Joshua Cox), who had also recently lost his sexy girlfriend Azami (Eva Scott) to drugs.Strangely, Mila reported that she had seen Azami at Dax's gravesite.Larraz (cult queen Mary Woronov), who urged her to break up with him.

When she returned home, she found that Dax had already suffered a deadly overdose in the bathroom after shooting up.

Hospital Patient Simon Cable Died in a Fatal Car Accident in the Year 2002; Due to Memory Loss and His Confused State Between Life and Death, Simon Recalled a Similar Fatal Head-On Car Accident in the Year 2000.

It Happened As a Result of Simon's Betrayal of His Brother Peter When He Was Having An Affair With Peter's Fiancee Clair, and All Three Died in The Crash.

He tried to change reality ("I thought I could change it").

He turned away from the Vista Point turn-off to take his brother to the hospital.

At the same time, Mila over-dosed (in the company of Azami and Samantha), and guilt-ridden Rick (about covering up Azami's murder) planned to suicidally take his own life with his gun.