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Ms project updating

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The typical situation I’ve run into is the PMs have Project, but few others do because it’s hard to justify a full Project license for someone who only needs to view the plan or make some status updates only occasionally.

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With Live Project, you instantly gain the ability to view, print, share, manage and collaborate more fluidly on your Microsoft Project files.It gives the PM the ability to control the MPP file and syncs the information to the Task List so anyone with the correct access to the Task List can view statuses or make updates that sync to Project. If you’re using Share Point Online (part of Office 365), you can even provide no-cost access to external colleagues including vendors, sub-contractors, clients, customers; basically, anybody with an email address.It’s an ingenious way to get around the MS Project paradox.That includes project team members who need to make regular status updates, but how about that executive in the company that likes getting detailed updates on your project occasionally?Could you ever justify buying a Project license for their once-per-month review habits?You can: I’ll cover how each of these work, along with my thoughts, opinions, and some caveats, below.

In the screenshots below, I used an example construction project MPP file found at this website. It had 100 tasks, and it had tasks that were indented at least three levels.

MS Project is a super powerful tool, but as such, it’s not cheap; at the time of publishing this post, an individual license to Project Professional 2016 is $1,160, likely more if purchased for an business situation.

So how do you make sure everyone can see the status and make updates?

Let your organization view your project plans through a shared space, and allow users to make suggestions or comments to each plan. With Live Project, let each team member update their own status at any time, and with a couple of clicks Live Project will update your plan automatically.

Project Collaboration is the affordable alternative to Microsoft Project Server that your IT department will love.

Most, if not all items have predecessors and successors. If you have an MPP that you’re currently using or building for the project you’re leading, you can have a Share Point site created from scratch based on the MPP file.