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Tenpin player Arianne Cerdena won a gold in bowling at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, but Cerdena's gold was not included in the medal tally since bowling was considered only as a demonstration sport.Light flyweight boxer Leopoldo Serantes, however, brought home a bronze from Seoul.

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Onyok lost a controversial decision to Bulgarian Daniel Bojilov in the light-flyweight finals.Some the world's finest bowlers, cue artists and boxers have Filipino blood running in their veins.Too bad, bowling and billiards are not included in the Olympiad.The Europeans later introduced football, polo and cricket.Ironically, the most popular sports in the Philippines today are billiards and bowling, maybe because height is not a requirement in these games.These games, no doubt, are far more engaging than football and baseball and require more tactical skills and strategic planning.

While most modern sports were introduced to the Philippines only in the 20th century, Filipinos for centuries have developed and perfected games like arnis de mano, which could match Europe's fencing; dumog, wrestling; sikaran, martial arts; patintero or tubigan, football; siato, baseball; moro-moro, long jump; luksong baka, high jump; bato-bato, relay; tarumpo, dart; paligsahang kalabaw, equestrian; and dama, chess.

It must be noted, however, that young Filipinos are beginning to switch to new games, such as billiards and computer games, because of the limited number of basketball courts in the country.

Filipinos Brought Home 3 Olympic Medals in 1932 Three Filipino athletes brought home a bronze medal apiece from the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

Featherweight boxer Anthony Villanueva, a son of Jose, won the country's first silver medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Villanueva actually lost a controversial decision to Russian Stanislav Stephaskin in their battle for the gold medal.

Had Philippine indigenous sports been included in the Olympiad, the country could have been a consistent topnotch in the Olympic medal ranking.