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Really Late and Really Early Finally, at nine a.m., the assembled crowd shouted down to zero in unison with the timeclock, and a “Put Down Your Keyboard” message appeared on the screen.

If that all sounds mighty fine, you would have been in nerdy nirvana at the recent Overnight Website Challenge, an annual event organized by The Nerdery, a custom interactive development company based in Bloomington. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota, this was the fifth annual event in the Twin Cities.In between intense work sessions, participants took breaks at arcade games, had caricatures drawn by Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) artists, indulged in hot shaves from Mustache Mike or received chair massages from Unwind Within.And, while sleep was in short supply, sustenance was not.“I hit my wall about four a.m.,’ said Mark Hulburt, vice president of marketing at The Nerdery.“But I took a half-hour nap in the ‘Quiet Room,’ had two coffees, and then I was good to go.” Sunday Morning Judging By Sunday morning, work was wrapping up, and the teams began their treks to the judging room for eight-minute presentations– one minute for every three hours of work. was Full Court Word Press, who’d been matched with Youth Performance Company (YPC), a Minneapolis-based youth theater company.Sponsoring restaurants included CRAVE, Sopranos Kitchen, Pizza Luce, Gyropolis, Bacio, Zelo, Jimmy John’s, Espresso Royale, St.

Agnes Baking Company, and Izzy’s Ice Cream, while Peace Coffee kept busy all night at a booth promising “Liquid Nerd Fuel.” Things got more challenging as the night wore on.

Others asked board members to drop by for thank-you visits.

One of the more outrageous thank-you’s was delivered by Eve Bassinger, who hauled out her full-body hot dog costume and convinced fellow Youth Performance Company board member Cheri Galbraith to don a "Miss Chievous" getup of leopard-print dress, blonde wig, sash and crown.

“It’s really late and really early, all at the same time,” joked Lisa Mason, associate director of software development at The Nerdery and team member, Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, as she took the podium for a presentation about her group’s work for Little Voyageurs.

Nearby, Gabriel Schlough, founder and director of West African Medical Missions, stood with his winning nerd team of Two Unicorns, One Moon, captained by Jason Reed, senior interactive designer, TST Media.

While everyone in the group looked a bit bleary, the YPC representatives had a Christmas-morning giddiness attributable to the mighty challenges their nerd team had conquered.