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but i have absolutely no additional health problems.

From Tafsir Al Qurtubi: وأحمد بن حنبل على ورعه يجوّزه، ويحتج بأنه إخراج فضلة من البدن فجاز عند الحاجة؛ أصله الفَصْد والحجامة.قال محمد بن عبد الحكم: سمعت حَرْملة بن عبد العزيز قال: سألت مالكاً عن الرجل يَجْلِد عُمَيرة، فتلا هذه الآية .وهذا لأنهم يَكْنُون عن الذَّكَر بعُمَيْرة؛ وفيه يقول الشاعر: Muhammad bin Abdul Hakim said, I heard Harmalah bin Abdul Aziz saying that: "When we asked Imam Malik about the person who masturbates, he recited this ayah 23:5 ...My brothers and sisters, I ask Allah to guide us and forgive us.Allah, the the most merciful and the Supreme guide.Now there is a whole lot of time in between which is spent without having a wife.

In all of this time, if a person tries to control himself from doing sex, he can go weird and unusual (this creates a lot of tension, depression and other health problems, as I read). So if he is in a position that he can not control it any further, can he masturbate?

I'm planing on pursuing studies that will probably last until I'm in my 30's and I can't get married until I have a stable life. I'm 22, and thinking that I cannot have any sexual stimulation for 8 years seemed like a challenge that was almost bound to fail and so I researched about masturbation.

After some research I came to the understanding that masturbation is in fact haram and that is highly disliked by God as it puts you in a state of impurity and has negative psychological and physical repercussions.

In this case, several of the earlier and later (scholars) granted a concession allowing it, but others forbade it. This view is very close to the opinion held by the Hanafites (followers of the Hanafi school), who maintain that masturbation is basically forbidden, but it may be permissible under the following conditions: The argument of this opinion against the previous one (unconditional prohibition) is that the above verses of the Quran are only regarding guarding one's parts from other people and a person can not guard their private parts from themselves since they are a part of them and they are allowed to for example look at their private parts and to touch and stroke them when cleaning the part after urination and in Ghusl (bath) and when scratching because of an itch etc.

Some also argue that the desire is discharged in wet-dreams by themselves and they are accepted in Hadith as natural and not sinful.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah was asked about a man whose desire overwhelms him and he masturbates, and he knows that this may be dealt with by fasting but it is too difficult for him.