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Louisiana divorce laws and dating

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General: A spouse to a covenant marriage may obtain a judgment of divorce only upon proof of any of the following: (1) The other spouse has committed adultery.

Second, it will put a value on the community property.These requirements are only a concern for spouses who have recently relocated or plan to relocate in the near future.They are as follows: The filing spouse must be a resident for at least 12 months prior to filing.All divorce cases in the state of Louisiana are facilitated through this court for that particular parish.Clerk's Name: All correspondence with a Louisiana clerk of the court should formally address him or her as follows: District Clerk's Office.The state of Louisiana has unique divorce laws for people who wish to terminate their marriage.

We are providing this online divorce information to you as an easy divorce reference guide to help you while you are doing your own divorce.

Third, it will divide the community property in an equal fashion.

Being a community property state, all separate property like gifts, inheritances, and property owned prior to the marriage will remain with each spouse and then all other property will be split equally.

Property and Debt Division: Louisiana is considered a "community property" state.

If you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement on how the community property will be divided, the court shall use a three step process.

The court will take to consider the needs of each spouse when determining how the property is to be split and each spouse has the right to ask the court to be awarded the marital home.