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Whereas corporate bodies are considered legal entities, partnerships are only partial legal entities.As such, all legal rights and duties apply to corporate bodies but partnerships are not subject to them to the same extent.

After World War II, the two German states—East Germany and West Germany—embraced different legal systems.In the 13th century it was codified in the vernacular language called the Sachsenspiegel.Roman law became a strong influence on German law again during the Renaissance (14th to 17th century).They also can sue or be sued, and can incur liabilities.It is generally agreed that American law, both at federal and state levels, arose out of the English common law system.East Germany’s system was centered around laws that had their roots in communist and socialist ideology. When the two states merged, West German law dominated the combined traditions.

European law came into effect with the establishment of the European Union.

Because a partnership necessarily involves more than one shareholder, there cannot be a sole shareholder in its legal structure.

A corporate body, on the other hand, can have just one shareholder.

There are several legal classifications of partnerships.

These are the limited partnership (the Kommanditgesellschaft, or KG), the professional partnership (Part G); the general trading partnership (Offene Handelgesellschaftk, or OHG); and the non-trading partnership (the Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts, or Gb R).

Owners of private companies with limited liability (Gmb H) are not personally responsible for company debts.