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• She ultimately left Warren to pursue a singing career, but they remained amicably married until her death in 2004.

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According to the Daily Mail, the trio would even send out Christmas cards together — signed Warren, Susan, and Astrid.Founded: 1998 The main objectives of the BAACI: -to facilitate working out new methods of diagnosis and treatment of allergic and immunopathologic disease -to help widely introduce scientific achievements, achievements in technology and pharmacology into practical allegrology and immunology -to improve organization and development of allergological and immunological services in different regions of Belarus -to encourage screening of immunopathology around the territory of Belarus, especially in Chernobyl Zone -to carry out a system of arrangements aimed at mastering professional skills of BAACI’s members -perfection of special knowledge of physicians engaged in practical work -popularization of achievements in medical science in the field of immunology, allergology and adjacent branches of science among physicians, experts, medical public and the population.Mission: To encourage and promote excellence in Allergy education, research and practice. Aspects of colonisation such as Western education and Christian doctrine drastically reduced the number of nsibidi-literate people, leaving the secret society members as some of the last literate in the symbols. Macgregor interpreted the first two symbols as corruptions of the Latin letters 'N' and 'A' and the last symbol a generic nsibidi.The leopard societies were a legislative, judicial, and executive power before colonisation, especially among the Efik who exerted much influence over the Cross River.Some of the designs include abstract symbols representing the Ekpe society such as repeating triangles representing the leopard's claws and therefore Ekpe's power.

Ukara includes naturalistic designs representing objects such as gongs, feathers and manilla currency, a symbol of wealth.

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Both of them recorded symbols from a variety of locations around the Cross River, and especially the Ikom district in what is now Cross River State.

Both of the writers used informants to retrieve nsibidi that were regarded as secret and visited several Cross River communities.

Since this date efforts have been made to expand knowledge among doctors by organizing seminars and meetings.