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zubrag: this means something goes to output before password_is run. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /......djsonnyb/jukebox/index.php:1) in www/djsonnyb/jukebox/password_on line 139 im a noob any help? I erased some of the path because of security Hi, first of all great script !!!!! Unfortunately the password-protect php seems to mess with may layout.To avoid setting cookie add // before setcookie so resulting line will be // setcookie("verify", md5($pass)); I don't have a problem with the protection string. My problem is in the password_file that I have named I _guess_ it might be because of the die(); value which prematurely kills the rest of my php and so messes up the layout but I am not sure how to fix that.

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However, the example include line starts off with: include("/home/users...") How (or if) does "/home/users..." relate to what I need to work with: com In other words, I don't have access to any root folders. Given that, what would the path look like in the include statement?Do I put this: die('Include following code into you pages: include("("/home3/marilou/cc-ob-www/elder-connect/password_protect.php");'); like that?zubrag: in order to see protection code you should open script in browser.But script will not reveal the password, no matter where it is placed. Now Password Protector can either ask password only or login/password pair, depending on settings.Can we modify this so that we can also include username? Hi, Your password PHP script looks good and I want to use it at Go, my hosting service.zubrag: Changed script according to Mark's suggestion.

Now it supports cookies and requires password only once. Does it need to be put in a secure catalog, maybe outside the webroot? Outside the webroot or in a secure catalog would be good.

The PHP header command won't do that because it cannot have anything else written to the screen first. zubrag: Script was not designed to redirect, but it may redirect after login if you add the PHP "header" command like mentioned in comments above. let us suppose if i want to give login name as abcdef and password as xyzabcdef then what should i write in the code....

Main purpose of the script is protecting information on php pages. $LOGIN_INFORMATION = array( 'zubrag' =I integrated a database into this, allowing for database-based authentication.

So if you want to grant access: user A - webpage A; user B - webpage B, then this can be accomplished as follows. Everything as it should be and I can generate the path through ?

Copy password_to protect A.php, and include protect in webpage A. help but when stripped into my php page I get a login screen and once login is entered it re-directs to the appropriate page but its just blank.

From the code you provided it seems like you invoked it from shell (terminal), that is why it shows a lot of things you would not see when opened in browser.