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Korean restaurant for dating

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Snag a seat on the romantic patio upstairs and you'll be overlooking the notorious Rush St in Gold Coast, or stay inside and you'll find yourself under the calming shadows of glorious palm leaves. The drink menu is super expansive and almost overwhelming, but we loved the Gold Rush, Diamond Back, and Hemingway. Every now and then, it’s nice to surprise your special lady or man friend with an evening that’ll remind them of why they wanted to sex you.Do it at the extra glamorous Pump Room (ask for the Frank Sinatra Booth for bonus points).

When I first walked in – I thought – “Oh, this is just like Japanese food” – WRONG. I love eating this way because you get to taste everything.We sampled several varieties of kimchi, the pickled cabbage dish that is the cornerstone of the Korean diet.We had a traditional version, which had been fermented with hot peppers and caught us off-guard with its spiciness.Oddly enough, there are more Korean churches than restaurants: six in all.There's never been the mainstream acceptance of Korean food as there has been for other Asian cuisines.The setup is similiar to a Benihana, where there is a grill in front of you…but that’s about it. Ironically, the plate I ate on is quite small – portion control!

Although it seems like a lot of food, I understand why Koreans are among one of the healthiest in the world: quality ingredients and good portion sizes for meals. I know, you’re thinking – why pay to go out to eat if you still have to cook it yourself. The smell of pork belly (the best version of bacon) is aromatic and flipping over the meat is a fun, interactive experience.

Very candid and too nice to pretend to apologize about it.

where Lady and Tramp accidentally kiss while eating pasta and it's the most romantic thing ever of all time?

Korea House offers a tour of classic Korean flavors: garlic, ginger, soy and hot pepper. There's a Spartan quality to the dining area, with just 10 tables, a few paper lanterns and rice-paper partitions. But there is a quiet throughout the room, even as servers deliver tray after tray of delicacies to the customers.

Korea House rivals the average Chinese restaurant in terms of price and value.

Arte3 3705 Old Norcross Road Duluth, GA 30096 For dessert, we walked over to Arte3 for Korean iced “coffee”.