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The nation's favourite painting, The Fighting Temeraire, also hangs in Room 34.Gregory remarked about people taking pictures of the painting before saying 'everyone is taking pictures of me.'He then got up, went to the painting known as The Morning Walk by Thomas Gainsborough and took out a drill bit.

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It also featured in 2012 James Bond film Skyfall, where the painting can be seen over actor Daniel Craig's shoulder in a scene that shows a clandestine meeting between Bond and weapon expert Q, played by Ben Wishaw.

Gregory had absconded from psychiatric care last November and was at large travelling the length and breadth of the country.

The grey-haired defendant placed a pair of leather black gloves in front of him and sipped from a plastic cup of water as the Crown outlined the case.

Restorers spent 80 hours repairing the painting, the court heard.

Gregory, of Kettering, Northampton went into the National Gallery and went into Room 34 in the east wing of the gallery, that houses a number of classic British painting by the likes of Gainsborough and Turner.

Greogory was partly successful in slashing what could only be described as an x-scratch in the lower right-hand side extending about 100cm by 65cm.