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Frank consults Joyce after Fay - in a letter from her attorney - threatens to garnish his wages for more child support.

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Dave Swanson), Merritt Butrick (rapist), Richard Marion (Browning), Jake Mitchell (Hingle), Sal Lopez (Puerto Rican #1), Anthony Pena (Puerto Rican #2), Guillermo San Juan (Gypsy Boy), Paul Michael (merchant), Lydia Fernandez (rape victim), Rocky Echevarria (Fuentes), Eric Helland (felon) writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler Furillo and his officers run themselves ragged preparing for the impending presidential visit to the Hill - Goldblume helps work out a secure route and Calletano and the captain bargain with Shamrock and Blood gang leaders to ensure a peaceful tour.Emotions run high as Hill and Renko meet for the first time since they were shot.The new police decorator, Grace Gardner, tries Esterhaus' patience.Furillo scrambles to salvage credibility with the gangs after the president's tour of the Hill is canceled.When the streets erupt in violence in response to the news, anxious officers fear revenge and barricade themselves in the station house - the "crisis" causes Esterhaus to see Grace in a new light.guest stars: Andrea Marcovicci (Cynthia Chase), Mark Metcalf (Harris), Robert Bryan Berger (Eddie Hoban), Karole Selmon (Billie), Joseph R.

Sicari (unknown), Tony Plana (Kevin Herman Dracula), Luisa Leschin (Rita), Donna La Brie (Wilma), Esther Sutherland (Haitian woman), Gregory Norman Cruz (Chico), Jake Mitchell (Hingle), Kent Williams (Bernard), Jeff Seymour (Santini) writer: Anthony Yerkovich; director: Georg Stanford Brown It's deja vu for Furillo as he reaches out to Hector Ruiz who has again taken hostages, this time in a grocery store meat locker - Hunter wants to freeze them out and TV reporter Cynthia Chase utilizes the scene to incense the Dekker Avenue merchants.

Phil interrupts Frank's evening with Joyce after Fay is arrested at a friend's hot tub party.

guest stars: Dan Hedaya (Ralph Macafee), David Caruso (Shamrock), Bobby Ellerbee (Blood), Art Evans (driver #2), David Moody (driver #1), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), John Brandon (Lt.

A side of beef shot up during the hostage crisis is a quickly sized up by scheming officers as more than "evidence." La Rue and Washington continue their attempts to tie the gun from the Hill-Renko shooting to Hoban. Fay momentarily finds herself in the crosshairs of Furillo's officers when she pulls out a toy gun in the station house.

The funding for Grace's decorating project is cut, upsetting Esterhaus, who already is having trouble getting someone to pick up the body of "Freddie the Wino" who died in a holding cell.

And his ex-wife, Fay, berates him after his child-support check bounces. And, after handling a domestic situation, Hill and Renko find their police unit has been stolen and are shot when they walk into a building to call in the theft.