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The Silverdome also was the home of the NBA's Detroit Pistons and hosted the Super Bowl in 1982.

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In their first game as World Cup hosts, the Americans fell behind before Eric Wynalda tied it on a free kick. 21, 1997: BARRY AND REGGIESanders surpassed 2,000 yards rushing for the season, and the Lions wrapped up a playoff berth with a 13-10 victory over the New York Jets.JANUARY 24, 1982: 49ERS WIN SUPER BOWLThe Super Bowl came north to the Detroit area, and although the game is remembered largely for the snow and the traffic , it was also the first championship for Joe Montana and Bill Walsh. MARCH 29, 1987: WRESTLEMANIAA crowd of 93,173 was on hand for Wrestlemania III, with Hulk Hogan taking on Andre the Giant in the main event.Aretha Franklin sang 'America the Beautiful' and Bob Uecker was a guest ring announcer."Shooting from no-budget studio sets, the Ghoul inserted his own dialogue and sound effects over insufferably bad B movies, blew up food, model cars and figurines with firecrackers, and produced strangely compelling, culturally relevant skits and parodies.The show was destructive and childish enough for little kids, subversive and timely enough for young adults." Late in the 1970s, Kaiser Broadcasting syndicated The Ghoul Show to Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles.But Detroit's regular-season finale took a frightening turn when Lions linebacker Reggie Brown was taken off the field in an ambulance with a severe neck injury.

Chrissy grew up a quarter-mile away and spent her childhood watching the Detroit Lions practice at the outdoor facility that once graced the Silverdome grounds.

But The Ghoul resurfaced in 1976 on independent Detroit station WXON TV-20, and on WKBF's successor station, WCLQ TV-61.

Meanwhile, Kaiser Broadcasting 's successor, Field Communications bought back Horror Film Features by airing Son of Svengoolie on Chicago's WFLD on June 16, 1979.

She said: 'I've got a ton of memories here.'Seann Lewis, 39, of Shelby Township, brought a drone to photograph the implosion, but arrived too late to capture the big event.

He said: 'I was hoping to shoot it.'Dave Demopoulos, 40, of Mt.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1987: THE POPE VISITSPope John Paul II ended his U. tour in the Detroit area, and Vice President George Bush was part of a full house at the Silverdome for Mass. JANUARY 29, 1988: NBA RECORDThe Pistons beat the Boston Celtics 125-108 in front of 61,983, an NBA attendance record that stood for more than a decade.