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In Northern India, there are communities of Indians who trace their origins to the traditional Pashtun homeland.The Pashtun ethnic group are believed to have settled in the vast Pashtunistan region in the first millennium C. The ethnonym Afghan has been historically used since the 3rd century AD to refer to the Pashtuns, and is now used to describe every citizen of Afghanistan.

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Today the Pashtuns in India can be divided into those who speak Pashto and those who speak Urdu/Hindi and other regional languages, the Urdu/Hindi speaking group being the biggest.Although their exact numbers are hard to determine, it is at least in excess of 100,000 for it is known that in 1954 over 100,000 nomadic Pakhtuns living in Kashmir Valley were granted Indian citizenship.Those settled and living in the Kashmir Valley speak Pashto, and are found chiefly in the southwest of the valley, where Pashtun colonies have from time to time been founded.In Rohilkhand, they made large settlements subsequent to 14th century and prior to the 20th century.In fact, according to Encyclopædia Britannica, the number of Pashtuns in all of India was nearly 31 million, but the speakers of Pashto numbered less than 14 million.The Rohilla Pushtuns make up 30-30% of the Muhajir community in Karachi.

India, as a British colony, once had a large Pashtun population roughly equal to that of Afghanistan, mostly concentrated in what were then the British Indian provinces of the North-West Frontier Province and Baluchistan.

He has extensively worked for the welfare of people in rural areas specially farflung and backward areas.

During his parliamentary career, he has been Members of various Committees which include Member, Standing Committee on Energy and Member, Committee on Government Assurances.

Small no of other pashtun tribes in Kashmir which include Durrani, Tareen, Lodhi, Yousafzai Shinwary and Afridi tribes which extends from Azad Kashmir to India's Jammu & Kashmir. Some identify themselves as Bangash, Yousefzai, Ghouri and Durrani.

Additionally, a significant number of descendants of Rohillas migrated to Pakistan after the independence of Pakistan in 1947.

Earlier he was elected to Lok Sabha in the year 19.