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For the former or missionary preaching, see Matt., xxviii, 19; Mark, xvi, 15; iii, 14; Luke, ix, 2. Paul'ssermon referred to in Acts, xx, 7-11, is an example of the second kind of preaching.In this the Apostles were supported by assistants who were elected and consecrated for a purpose, for example, Timothy and Titus; as also by those who had been favoured with charismata.

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Of the latter we have a striking example in the discourse after the Last Supper, John, xiv-xvi.

Since the nineteenth century, homiletics has taken its place, especially in Germany, as a branch of pastoral theology.

The "Standard Dictionary" defines Homiletics as "that branch of rhetoric that treats of the composition and delivery of sermons or homilies ".

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It cannot be said that His preaching took any definite, rounded form, in the sense of a modern sermon ; His aim was to sow the seed of the word, which He scattered broadcast, like the sower in the parable.