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Great expectations video dating

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When you walk in, they give you a screener which asks for your personal information and some useless dating information.The only thing they€™re after on that form is your social security number.

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Of the men's profiles (whom I was told quite clearly WERE available to select from) only 5 of the profiles could be found and 4 of them were INACTIVE.During my interview their service seemed to be decent, but when they finally revealed the costs, I was surprised.Here goes: BASE PLANS - $7000 - 15 month membership, $8000 - 3 year membership, $8500 - Unlimited membership until you find someone.That means at best you have a 1 in 25 chance of finding someone throughout your membership. CONCLUSION - If you are wealthy, this service may be good for you. After a thorough review (26 pages) I found there were 317 posted profiles (in my age range) HOWEVER, 148 of them were set to INACTIVE.This database is bloated over 50% by profile you CANNOT select.They do keep expired members and members who fought to have their membership canceled still on the site but they list them as €œinactive, please check again soon.€ Most of the members are average working men and women who live pay check to pay check, however they state these are all professional people.

There are some who make a very nice living, but if Im paying money for a service and Im making six figures, I don€™t think Im going to want to date someone who dropped out of school and is barely making ends meat.

You will stand a better chance using an online dating site. I called their company because I was interested and found their staff to be cordial but they would not reveal the cost of the service over the phone.

Instead they asked me first to come in for an interview.

Also, 2 of their members per month gets married (one man, one woman). But my father taught me never to make a quick decision on a large sum of money. When a company offers you to save you a thousand or more by joining today, it makes the decision process very difficult. SCHAUMBURG -- You are offered the standard 3 business days to cancel your contract (you MUST include Saturday as this center is open Saturdays) yet, I was told I was not allowed to look at the database until AFTER your video and pics are done. I was told the large upfront fee ($1800 - $2500) was all inclusive only to learn, there is a $180 maintenance fee to the database host every 6 months, and a $200 fee to upgrade your photos to look like the quality you are shown in your sales pitch.

Based on statistics that is between a 2% and 4% success rate (this site was meant for serious dating). Through pushy and misleading tactics (they leave out information unless you ask). I was denied an appointment within the three days hearing the photographer was "booked." Coincidence? Since then, I have found profiles on line w/o photos and w/o videos. I was told there were 100s (hundreds) of profiles in the age range I specified to select from.

By the time you leave you€™re paying close to $10,000.